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PHP Innovation Award winners

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Award Winners by Author of 2018

Rank Author Packages Points
1 zinsou A.A.E.Mo´se Benin 14 87
2 Scott Arciszewski United States 5 33
3 Peter Kahl Hong Kong 3 31
4 Istvan Dobrentei Hungary 4 28
5 Jorge Castro Chile 5 25
6 Michael Beck United States 2 18
7 Josantonius Spain 2 15
8 Alexandre SinÝcio Brazil 2 14
8 DeGraciaMathieu France 2 14
8 riccardo castagna Italy 2 14

Award Winners by Country of 2018

Rank Country Packages Points
1 Benin Benin 14 87
2 Brazil Brazil 10 67
2 United States United States 10 67
4 Russian Federation Russian Federation 9 55
5 Hungary Hungary 6 45
6 Italy Italy 5 44
7 Philippines Philippines 5 32
8 Pakistan Pakistan 5 31
8 Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 31
10 India India 5 28

Winners of December of 2018

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Crow Simple PHP Blog Github
Use Github as a content manager for blog posts
naveen India 20.00% 10 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 PHP PlusCode
Generate PlusCode parameters for Google Maps links
Ray Paseur United States 13.33% 9
2 PHP Phone Number Format Normalizer
Parse and output a phone number in a given format
Dmitry Mamontov Russian Federation 13.33% 9
Get past versions of pages from Wayback Machine
Dawood Ikhlaq Italy 13.33% 9
2 Anti-CSRF
Generate tokens to protect against CSRF exploits
Scott Arciszewski United States 13.33% 9
6 Laravel WebShipper
Manage e-commerce orders using Webshipper API
Stefan Ninic Bosnia and Herzegovina 6.67% 5
6 Chaos Machine One
Generate random data that obeys to formulas
Jorge Castro Chile 6.67% 5
6 PHP Vim Plugin Updater
Retrieve plugins for the Vim text editor
Istvan Dobrentei Hungary 6.67% 5
6 PHP State Machine One
Process transitions in a state machine
Jorge Castro Chile 6.67% 5
10 CacheOne
Store and retrieve data in groups using Redis
Jorge Castro Chile <1.00% 1

Winners of November of 2018

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Server Monitor Script
Check if a server is working well using Websockets
Istvan Dobrentei Hungary 25.00% 10 One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine
2 Pure MVC PHP Multicore Framework
MVC framework that implements multiton pattern
Michael Beck United States 18.75% 9
2 ZipFly PHP ZipArchive zip64 Creator
Compress files and create archives in Zip format
David Tamas Hungary 18.75% 9 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
4 PHP Firebase CRUD
Perform CRUD operations storing data in Firebase
Josiah Ovye Yahaya Nigeria 12.50% 7
5 Lumen API PureMVC MultiCore Framework for PHP
Implements repository pattern using Laravel Lumen
Kevinralph M Tenorio Philippines 6.25% 6 SourceGuarding PHP encoder tool
5 PHP String Rotate
Rotate strings in different ways
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 6.25% 6
5 Laravel Valet Linux
Run Laravel environment under a Linux machine
Joaquin Uruguay 6.25% 6 One copy of the Zend Studio
5 PHP SSL Certificate Check
Check SSL certificates validity for given domains
Istvan Dobrentei Hungary 6.25% 6
9 YII2 PHP Template Render Class
Render templates in any format with YII2 framework
Mahesh S India <1.00% 2
9 AWS SQS Wrapper
Publish and subscribe message queues using AWS SQS
Nguyen Duc Thuan Viet Nam <1.00% 2

Winners of October of 2018

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP European Validation
Validate European country codes
Peter Kahl Hong Kong 17.39% 12
2 PHP Session Count Online Users
Get the number of users that are online in a site
John S. Indonesia 13.04% 11
2 PHPMailer Logging with Monolog
Log email sent via PHPMailer using Monolog
Filip Őtamcar Slovenia 13.04% 11 PHP Tools for Visual Studio Personal license
2 Generic PHP Named Parameters Function Call
Extract the values of named function parameters
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 13.04% 11
5 PHP AWR class
Process text to apply rules to display arabic text
peyman Iran 8.70% 8
Manipulate databases stored in XML files using SQL
Laurence Perales Peru 8.70% 8
5 PHP Project Structure Composer Generator
Generate files for a Composer skeleton project
Elminson De Oleo Dominican Republic 8.70% 8
5 PHP Property Preprocessor
Preprocess class variables when they are accessed
Mahesh S India 8.70% 8
9 PHP CLI Calculator Class
Perform calculations with values from the console
Muhammad Umer Farooq Pakistan 4.35% 4
9 PHP Google Authenticator with CodeIgniter
2fa Google Authenticator implementation
Asad Ullah Pakistan 4.35% 4
11 PHP Reference Variable Debug
Check if a variable is a reference to another one
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin <1.00% 2
11 PHP Jalali to Gregorian Date Converter and Comparison
Convert dates between Gregorian and Jalali
Ali Bayat Iran <1.00% 2

Winners of September of 2018

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP AutoLoad One
Generate scripts to autoload classes of a project
Jorge Castro Chile 20.83% 11 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 tinyID
Shorten and obfuscate identifier strings
Kacper Rowinski Poland 12.50% 10 One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine
2 PHP Singular Value Decomposition
Analyze texts to find a relation with given terms
Raskin Veniamin Russian Federation 12.50% 10
4 PHP File Get Word
Process the text of a file word by word
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 8.33% 8
4 Easy PHP Audit Log Bundle
Log specific events according to configuration
Roni Bangladesh 8.33% 8
4 PHP Country Code to Country Name
Validate country code and get the respective name
Peter Kahl Hong Kong 8.33% 8
4 Cipher Sweet
Encrypt data in away that can be searched
Scott Arciszewski United States 8.33% 8
4 PHP Freelance Jobs Hunt API
Access the FreelanceHunt API to get job details
Slava Striletskyi Ukraine 8.33% 8 SourceGuarding PHP encoder tool
9 PHP AMP Page Generator
Generate HTML for using as Google AMP site
Jorge Castro Chile 4.17% 3
9 Docusend PHP
Send printed document files via US Postal Service
Fred Morgan United States 4.17% 3
9 BlitzTemplateControl
Process templates using the Blitz PHP extension
Nic Latyshev Russian Federation 4.17% 3

Winners of August of 2018

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Fast PHP CURL Multiple Requests
Retrieve the content of multiple URLs using CURL
riccardo castagna Italy 27.27% 10 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 PHP Car Dealer Website
Application to manage a car dealer business
Michael Beck United States 22.73% 9 One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine
3 PHP Class Documentation Generation to Markdown
Convert PHPDoc comments from classes into Markdown
Marco Cesarato Italy 13.64% 8
4 Array Map
Traverse arrays to call functions for each entry
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 9.09% 7
4 Get PHP Class Name
Get the base class name and namespace of an object
Laudir Bispo Brazil 9.09% 7
4 PHP Timesheet Management System
Manage project tasks and the respective work times
Istvan Dobrentei Hungary 9.09% 7
7 Coin Layer PHP Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates API
Get the exchange rates for crypto currencies
Dave Smith United States 4.55% 4
7 Laravel Mail Logger
Track messages sent by Laravel mail to act on them
Wedmak Russian Federation 4.55% 4
9 Pixlab NSFW PHP Image Classifier
Check if images have nudity with Pixlab NSFW API
Symisc Systems South Africa <1.00% 2
9 Blade Component Factory
Improve the Laravel 5.3 Blade factory
Kevinralph M Tenorio Philippines <1.00% 2

Winners of July of 2018

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Cache Server
Store and retrieve cached data in a network server
Krisztián Dudás Hungary 42.86% 8 One downloadable copy of Komodo IDE
2 PHP Math Progression Handler
Detect and generate many types of number sequences
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 14.29% 7
2 PHP Laravel Deployment
Deploy a Laravel project retrieved using GIT
Stefan Ninic Bosnia and Herzegovina 14.29% 7
2 Clike
Execute actions using the command design pattern
DeGraciaMathieu France 14.29% 7
5 PHP ElasticSearch Bulk Insert
Insert many record values at once in ElasticSearch
Mostafa Abd-El-Hamid Egypt 7.14% 4
5 PHP Font Face Performance Control
Optimize the load of page fonts embedding into CSS
riccardo castagna Italy 7.14% 4
7 Avatar Generator
Generate an image for a person with a given name
Egor Oldenburger Russian Federation <1.00% 2
7 PHP Artisan Auth Laravel 5
Laravel service provider to track visitors
Wedmak Russian Federation <1.00% 2

Winners of June of 2018

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Binary Flags
Manage a group of boolean flags using integers
Reinder Reinders The Netherlands 21.05% 8 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
2 PHP Interface vs Abstract Class
Examples of using interfaces and abstract classes
Nahidul Hasan Bangladesh 15.79% 7
2 PHP Image Compression Analysis
Compare an image with itself encoded as JPEG
Ganesh Kandu India 15.79% 7
2 PHP Artisan Make File Location
Change the namespace of files generated by artisan
Diego R. Lima Brazil 15.79% 7 30 Days Free Access to O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform
2 PHP Color Codes Generator
Manipulate colors and generate color lists
Nic Latyshev Russian Federation 15.79% 7
6 Persistent PHP Superglobals Array Maker
Create array variables that act like superglobals
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 10.53% 3
7 Share Bike
Manage a bike sharing system
Charles Australia 5.26% 2
8 PHP Travel Agency
Simulate the tourist travel agency process
Charles Australia <1.00% 1

Winners of May of 2018

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP SQLite Export
Query SQLite3 and output results in a HTML or XML
Nikola Crnogorac Croatia 23.08% 10 One official elePHPant Plush Mascott
1 phatto
Register a service worker for PHP based PWA
Bill Rocha Brazil 23.08% 10
3 iWire PHP Raspberry PI GPIO Class
Control a Raspberry PI board using GPIO
Andrew Collington 15.38% 8
4 Nero PHP Simulate Error
Throw fatal errors to test your application
DeGraciaMathieu France 11.54% 7
5 PHP OpCache Web Interface
Show the usage of cached PHP scripts with OpCache
Andrew Collington 7.69% 6
5 Mikrotik
Manipulate data of Mikrotik servers
Fernando Brazil 7.69% 6
7 PHP Resource Type Extension
Extend PHP resource values to save and load values
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 3.85% 4
7 PHP Array Keys Case Transform
Transform an array to change the case of the keys
Lucas de Oliveira Brazil 3.85% 4
7 PHP Count Array by Value Type
Get the number of values in array of a given type
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 3.85% 4
10 PHP Semver Compare
Parse and compare software semantic version string
Mohamed Elbahja Morocco <1.00% 1

Winners of April of 2018

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Browser OS Detection and Age Guessing
Estimate the age of the browser and OS it runs on
Peter Kahl Hong Kong 19.05% 11
1 basset-ir
Retrieve, transform and process text documents
Jericko Tejido Philippines 19.05% 11 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
3 PHP Mnemonic Secret Path Login
Detect human users telling to click on page places
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 14.29% 9
3 PHP HD Images Search
Find HDR images and move to a separate directory
m a r c France 14.29% 9 One downloadable copy of PhpED Professional
5 pingvincek
Manage a site for organizing dates between people
Andra× Slovenia 9.52% 7
6 G6K
Generate simulator tools to perform calculations
eureka2 4.76% 6
6 PHP Pokemon Script
Provides an API to manage a database of Pokemons
Renato De Oliveira Lucena Brazil 4.76% 6
6 PHP Similar Text Percentage
Compare two strings to compute a similarity score
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 4.76% 6
6 PHP Statistics Functions
Parse numbers from text data and return statistics
Aditya Rahman Indonesia 4.76% 6
6 PHP Thesis Proposal Hub
Store and publish research thesis documents
harold rita Philippines 4.76% 6
11 Covoiturage
System for managing a car pooling service
Adnane EL Mouttaki Morocco <1.00% 1

Winners of March of 2018

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Code Gleaner and Analyzer Tool
Scan PHP scripts to extract data about the code
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 26.67% 9
2 JSON Schema Validator
Validate JSON data using a structure specification
Muhammad Arfeen Pakistan 20.00% 8 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
3 random_compat
Provide random_bytes and random_int functions
Scott Arciszewski United States 13.33% 7
3 PHP Retry Library
Keep calling a function until it meets a condition
Arnel Labarda Philippines 13.33% 7 One downloadable copy of Komodo IDE
5 wp-plugin-rating
Show ratings of WordPress plugins
Josantonius Spain 6.67% 5
5 PHP PWA Assist
Generate service workers Progressive Web App files
Alexander Selifonov Russian Federation 6.67% 5 One downloadable copy of PhpED Professional
5 Swiss Television and Radio Program Guide API
Get the program guides for the SRG TV and Radio
Mat Jung Ireland 6.67% 5
5 PHP Cloud Storage Abstraction
Store and retrieve data in multiple cloud services
Alexandre Sinício Brazil 6.67% 5
9 PHP Send Push Notification to Android (FCM)
Notify users of Google Firebase Cloud Messaging
Pavitra Behre India <1.00% 1

Winners of February of 2018

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP Arquivo Remessa CNAB 400
Generate remittance files in the CNAB 400 format
Fernando Brazil 29.41% 7 SourceGuarding PHP encoder tool
2 PHP Screenshot URL Handler
Manipulate URLs and capture a screenshot of a page
Muhammad Umer Farooq 23.53% 6 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
3 Array Depth
Traverse arrays in depth to perform useful actions
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 17.65% 5
4 Attendance Login System
Manage and authenticate company employees users
Abed Nego Ragil Putra Indonesia 11.76% 4 One downloadable copy of CodeLobster Professional
5 Chronicle
Append arbitrary data to a storage container
Scott Arciszewski United States 5.88% 3
5 PHP DNS Check Tool
Check DNS records and compare record sets
Matous Nemec Czech Republic 5.88% 3
Send AJAX requests and responding with JSON data
Santo Nuzzolillo Venezuela 5.88% 3

Winners of January of 2018

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 Arduino PHP Serial Linux
Communicate with a Arduino board via serial port
Marco Sillano Italy 16.00% 13 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
1 Weak Auras Decoder
Decode text strings of auras for World Of Warcraft
Sascha Greuel Germany 16.00% 13
1 Web Push Notifications PHP Sender
Send push notifications for Web sites
james doe 16.00% 13
4 PHP Skeleton
Generate code and files for PHP project skeletons
Josantonius Spain 12.00% 10
5 US to UK Text Converter
Convert English text between US and UK spellings
javaria razzaq 8.00% 9
5 Easy Subtitle Downloader
Download movie subtitles with EasySubtitles API
Alexandre Sinício Brazil 8.00% 9
5 Nano Http Status
Process the HTTP request response status values
Sergey Karavay Belarus 8.00% 9
8 PHP URLs From Database
Find MySQL database table records to extract URLs
zinsou A.A.E.Moïse Benin 4.00% 6
8 Certainty
Manage SSL certificate authority file used by PHP
Scott Arciszewski United States 4.00% 6
8 SQLite3 checker
Checks if a file is of a SQLite3 database
Damir Croatia 4.00% 6
8 PHP Create Price Range
Create dynamic price ranges according to groups
Mauricio Cunha Brazil 4.00% 6
Translate text in PHP code to different languages
berkay karata? <1.00% 2
12 PHP Google Safe Browsing API
Lookup safety of sites using the safe browsing API
Merijn van den Kroonenberg <1.00% 2

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